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Can I Kick it?

2011-02-08 21:36:28 by coddude321

Why, yes sir. Yes you can.

Can I Kick it?

Merry Christmas

2010-12-25 20:12:36 by coddude321

The best holiday of the year by far. What did you get?


2010-12-20 00:16:37 by coddude321

Can I has it


2010-08-03 00:48:16 by coddude321

So i'm back to posting again. Same old rate of less than one a day really. Going away to school so it'll get worse and worse.


2010-05-11 18:49:38 by coddude321

Don't really like them. Don't enjoy posting and keeping up with shit. been playing drums and school

I haven't been on in a while

2010-03-23 21:18:39 by coddude321

Since my internet went out for a while (damn comcast) but it's cool now because I got some free cable boxes and HD channels etc. I feel like i missed a bunch, can anyone help fill me out? I can't make an "I'm back" thread so this is the best I can do


2010-02-15 10:11:13 by coddude321

PRE-design anybody?

4chan VS. Newgrounds

2010-02-06 12:15:41 by coddude321

Call me a noob, but why is 4chan so "better" than Newgrounds. I like Newgrounds better. not even jsut the animations and everything, the forums alone are better. Atleast that's what I think.


2010-01-29 12:30:46 by coddude321

Supposed to get an assload where I live. School got cancelled last night and we haven't gotten a flake yet. What about you guys?

I have a dilemma

2009-12-27 18:21:23 by coddude321

I have $100 to spend no more. I do not know waht to do. I can
A) Buy some stuff for my drums like a double bass drum pedal
B) Save up another 100 and repair my ipod, (which has a huge crack in the screen but still works fine.
C) Buy a couple of video games (Fallout 3 and L4D2.
D) Buy some stuff from the NG Store ( One shot comic book, Dandy tshirt, castle crashers stuff etc)

Level of priority is probably B,A,D,C